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Amanco are experts in notification systems also sole agent of federal signal corporation since 1989 and a HCIS approved security system contractor. AMANCO have experience, knowledge, and resources to give consultancy, HCIS complied system designs and implementation. We have different type of self-developed communication devices and fully equipped Lab to provide suitable solution for your needs need of a new mass notification system as well as those with existing systems.

Our wealth of experience in notification systems proven by delivering outdoor warning sirens and mass notification systems to Industrial plants, government sectors, Military camp, Off shore & On shore Oil gas plants, university campus and others across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Whether it’s small system or an LSTK system, Federal Signal and Amanco can design and implement whatever is necessary to fit your warning system needs. Even in the most extreme and diverse scenarios, clients can rest assured that AMANCO has the ability to administer and control projects from concept to validation with international standards.

Steps to Develop Warning System / Siren system

AMANCO provides site-specific computer simulations of sound propagation and ambient noise levels. This steps allows numerous design methods to be considered, tested and assessed accordingly. The computer simulation is constructed by inputting the physical dimensions of the site and modeling all elements that may affect sound propagation, including outbuildings, terrain, and other environmental factors.

Mass Notification Steps

Amanco mass notification warning systems and siren system provide a complete solutions including supply of products and consultancy. Most industrial and commercial projects take four steps to implement the system:

Stage 1: Strategic Assessment

Initial enquires are assessed for mass notification requirement, with the objective of ensuring that the scope & objectives of system performance are clearly defined.

Stage 2: Environmental & Physical Location Study

The physical properties of the site are considered, taking into account the size and location of the site, mobility, population density, standards applicable and existing plant drawings.

Stage 3: Noise study & Acoustic Analysis

Amanco will conduct existing noise study with highly efficient Acoustic tools and Modelling software. Our Class 1 Noise study tools are ISO certified and calibrated, Plant noise modellings are prepared using Acoustic modelling software compliance with ISO 9613. Noise study report can finalize the exact quantity and model of siren required in particular projects.

Stage 4: Warning System Solution Design

After gathering information and noise modelling our experts can prepare system design and communication methods suited to your requirements. Siren can be work through either LAN communication, Radio Communication, IP communication, GSM communications. A variety of solutions to your Warning system needs will be developed to you via drawings, presentation, acoustic maps, simulations and more.

Customized Solutions

Sirens and warning systems can be integrated with DCS (Distributed control system), Fire alarm system, paging (PAGA) and public address system etc, Siren command station can take any type of input signal and provide switching to any output devices according to each project requirement. Federal signal siren system can configure different tones and prerecorded message according to plant operation requirements.

Outdoor Notification

Federal Signal’s Modulator High Powered Speaker Array offers the same proven technology as the original Modulator with the exception of a smaller compact chassis. Modulator provides a flat frequency response up to 2000Hz producing intense warning signals and digital voice messaging over a large area. The Modulator design enables the siren to produce a high sound level and intelligible voice communications.

The innovative omni-directional electronic Modulator speaker array consists of modules that utilize four 100 watt drivers. It also provides clear voice communication and offers warning signals which are produced by Federal Signal’s UltraVoice™ electronic controller and amplifier system. Custom tones and professionally recorded voice messages for the UltraVoice controller are available and can be purchased upon request Amanco offers a broad range of electronic and mechanical sirens, along with industrial communications equipment that will reliably meet your emergency management plan.

Indoor Notification

The Federal Signal UltraVoice® Indoor Controller, Model UVIC, is designed to deliver clean, clear, amplified audio to a network of speakers (sold separately), configured for indoor notification or evacuation. The UltraVoice Indoor Controller has been designed for high quality reproduction of live or pre-recorded voice and tone, providing the ability to automate testing and emergencies.

The UVIC is housed in a single NEMA1 style cabinet, with provisions for up to two 400 watt amplifiers (sold separately). Each controller requires 120VAC and contains two sealed lead-acid batteries, providing over 30 minutes of operation in the event power has been lost. The UVIC can be activated by land line, radio or IP from a remote location. Landline activation can initiate one of the 8 onboard functions by connecting a momentary dry contact closure (customer supplied) to the appropriate pc board mounted terminal block. These functions can contain a combination of tone and pre-recorded voice or Public Address. Public Address is available from the supplied microphone located inside the controller. If Radio Control of the UVIC is desired, an optional Federal Signal Encoder Model SS2000+ and base station radio (approved radio license required at time of order) must be added to the control package and is typically located where administrative control and activation resides. In either configuration, each function will remain active for 3 minutes as standard.

Siren System Architecture

The Commander Siren control system offers both secure activation and status monitoring of any alert and notification system. From Giant Voice to Mechanical and Intelligent siren systems, Commander is designed to control, monitor, and link your warning system.

Federal Commander continues to evolve to meet the challenging demands of customers throughout the world to provide a system unmatched in its features and ease of use. From controlling 1 siren to 511, the system can expand to accommodate your changing needs. Federal Commander provides an easy to use hotkey activation screen. Administrators can program 30 hotkeys to activate all sirens, sirens in zones, or individual sirens. Hotkeys can be color coded and grouped. Each hotkey can also be programmed to include a text, email, or voice message sent to first responders, citizens or the media to alert them on the situation. In this way a single hotkey can activate sirens and send Informational messages simultaneously. Predefined alerts can also be sent from the activation screen without activating the sirens.

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