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508-128 High-Powered Outdoor Siren

Federal Signal’s 508-128 siren is a high power, rotating, uni-directional, 500 Hz outdoor warning siren that offers an anechoic chamber-certified signal strength of 128 dB(C). The high-decibel output provides maximum coverage with minimum installation cost. Radio activation can further minimize installation costs by eliminating the need for leased dedicated control lines.

The siren rotates at 3 RPM and can produce three distinct warning signals: steady, wail and fast wail. The 508-128 siren will supply a minimum of 15 minutes of full power output from its batteries after AC power loss. The siren controls are available with battery operation, Solar AC operation, and AC operation with battery back-up, one-way and two-way radio control, wired or wireless ethernet, satellite/cellular or landline.

Ideal applications for these warning sirens include hazardous weather conditions, fires, floods, chemical spills and other types of emergencies, the 508-128 siren is an excellent choice to protect any community.


Thinking about adding outdoor sirens to your security system? Well, it is quite essential these days to keep your family or employees safe! Outdoor siren is one of the most effective and popular methods to communicate during dangerous weather situations and other emergencies.

When it comes to the best outdoor sirens, AMANCO offers you one of the star products by Federal Signal - 508-128 siren. It is the most preferred and powerful outdoor sirens in the industry. 508-128 high powered outdoor siren is highly efficient at addressing the public at large which may be scattered over a huge area. It is a mass addressing tool which is mostly used for emergencies during: more

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