I-HIOW, I-UIOW, I-HIO and I-UIO Informer Tone-Alert Radio

Alerting the public of an emergency situation is now easier and more reliable than ever with Federal Signal’s Informer I-HIO and I-UIO radio receivers.  Informer units are designed for one-way radio alerting applications.

Informer Radio receivers come in either VHF or UHF-band models.  Standard units decode DTMF, single-tone, and two-tone sequential signals (optionally available are units for decoding EAS/SAME or Federal Signal digital protocols).  The Informer is capable of generating four separate alarm sounds that can be accompanied by a live voice message.

Informer units include a LED panel that flashes to immediately indicate transmission of an emergency alert.  Other features include a 600-Ohm audio output, dual (N.C./N.O.) relay for external control, built-in diagnostics, and a LED test indicator.  The receiver can be programmed to disable the"monitor" button in order to prevent end-users or unauthorized persons from listening to local-channel activity.

The Informer I-HIO and I-UIO desktop versions feature an external AC transformer for power, as well as built-in battery backup.  All wiring is routed to connectors located on the back of the unit for convenient access.

Informer I-HIOW and I-UIOW receivers are designed to be wall mounted or recessed into the wall.  All wiring is contained within the aluminum case, and five pre-punched, easy-to-remove conduit holes are available to facilitate wiring connections into and out of the unit.  Informer I-HIOW and I-UIOW receivers include a 115/230VAC power supply pre-wired to internal terminal blocks and a built-in battery backup. These models feature mounting holes for easy top mounting of an optional Federal Signal LP1 Strobe light. Units are pre-wired to accommodate the LP1 Strobe which operates off the Informer’s internal power supply.

Informer units are factory programmed for narrow-band operation and come with a one-year warranty. (see owner’s manual).

Note: The I-HIO and I-UIO have mounting two holes on the underside, so that it can be mounted on a wall
           LP1-012* can be installed on I-HIOW/I-UIOW (wall mount units) only.

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