UVLOC UltraVoice® Local Operating Console

The Federal Signal UltraVoice® Local Operating Console (UVLOC) is an easy to use remote user interface for indoor and outdoor alert and notification systems. The UVLOC provides a system operator, building inhabitant or facility personnel, an activation point that emulates the functions and capabilities of the UltraVoice controller series. The UVLOC offers the capability to: activate seven tone or pre-recorded digital voice messages, record/play a live voice message, and conduct live public address (PA) announcements. The UltraVoice Local Operating Console is ideal for providing multiple activation points in an Indoor Mass Notification System.

The UVLOC is rated for Indoor use and can be surface or recessed mounted.  Up to ten UVLOC’s can be easily interfaced into an UltraVoice controller, as each UVLOC is hard-wired utilizing standard CAT5 cable and battery operated from its respective UV controller. The ability to provide up to ten remote activation points offers flexibility in large facilities while battery operation increases the system reliability by insuring operation when AC power fails.

Outfitted with onboard LED’s, the UVLOC indicates when the unit is armed and powered.  In addition, arming the UVLOC signals the Federal Commander Digital System, alerting operators that the unit has been activated for use.

Designed to enhance “all hazard” warning capabilities, the UVLOC provides increased system flexibility, redundancy, and reliability, making it a necessary component to any alert and notification system.

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