AM300 AudioMaster® Public Address 15 Watt Speaker

The AM300 and AM302 are rugged, transformer coupled, re-entrant speakers for use in public address or paging applications. These 15 and 30 watt speakers feature a durable speaker cone and projector constructed of spun aluminum. The speaker wiring connections are enclosed in a dust- and moisture-proof, die-cast aluminum compartment. All external surfaces are sealed with a red or gray powder coat paint. 

The bottom of the the units contains two 1/2-inch conduit openings to accommodate inbound and outbound audio wiring. The unique shape of the units projector provide a 60° sound dispersion. The projector is held in position with a Teflon coated lock ring that can be rotated 180° in order to obtain the desired sound distribution.

These speakers are Underwriters Laboratories Listed for “Fire Protective Signaling Use”. An in-line capacitor (included) provides the isolation necessary for use in supervised systems. These can be used supervised alarm notification systems or AudioMaster® CTS series amplifiers and the Audio Router to complete an industrial grade public address system.

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