304GC and 314GC SelecTone® Audible Signal

The Federal Signal Models 304GC and 314GC Amplified Speakers are designed to produce crisp, clear tones in supervised alarm notification systems. These amplified speakers can broadcast tones generated by a tone card installed into the speaker (the plug-in 32-tone UTM*) or by a central tone source in a voice evacuation or paging system. When live public address or voice messages are required, plug-in Connector Cards (AM25CK or AM70CK) interface with the  Vrms of the EVAC panel.

Both speaker amplifiers are compatible with fire alarm and suppression supervised control panels and power boosters.

The rugged construction and high output of the Models 304GC and 314GC make it ideal for use in harsh environments with high ambient noise levels. Both models feature an internal gain control for adjustment to the suit area.

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