ECHO E-MDS Administrative Master Station

Federal Signal Model E-MDS Management Station is used with ECHO® Systems to provide hands-free or private handset duplex two-way voice communication. The LCD call status display provides the ability to review and respond to Substation calls out of sequence. Programmable buttons provide single touch access for features such as Conference, All-Call and Group Call. The large, easy to read LCD display provides vital information to identify the name and location of each calling party, name and number directory as well as an on-line help menu to personalize station features.

The E-MDS Management Station can be programmed to call any other station in the system. Calls from other masters may be programmed to ring or answer automatically in the speakerphone mode. Master-to-Master calls may manually Camp-on, Message-wait and Pre-empt. Calls from Substations will be stacked in a que by priority and may be answered or reviewed in any order. Substations may each be assigned any of 10 text call messages for Routine or Emergency levels with selectable locking or Non-locking status. Substations can be programmed to report to one, several, or all E-MDS Management Masters. In the Night Mode, one Management Station can assume ownership of another’s substations. The keypad volume control keys may be used to adjust voice and ring levels.

This compact unit may be used in a desk top or surface wall mount application. The unit is equipped with a handset, panel microphone and speaker. The flush membrane keypad provides tactile and audible feed back for positive activation. The Model E-MDSMG is furnished with a gooseneck push-to-talk microphone.

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