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We have a variety of Siren systems like a loudspeaker for Police and emergency services, motor cycle horn, Electric alarm, outdoor speaker, marine horn, ambulance horn, fire engine horn. Our siren used to provide emergency population warning and indicate when the danger has passed. Siren system is controlled by electronically and integrated into other warning systems.

We have more efficient Engineers and Technicians for installation and perfect project execution.

Mass Notification and Siren System to deal with emergency situations!

Communication is a pretty important part of our lives. But when it comes to emergency situations it becomes even more important. A mass notification system is a lifesaver when it comes to an emergency situation. It is widely used to address the public at large to aware them about any forthcoming danger. Amanco is a solution provider for mass notification and siren system in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we have been the sole partner of the Federal Signal Corporation for over four decades. Our mass notification system provides solutions for:

  • Outdoor siren system
  • Mass notification for factories
  • Government services
  • Military camps
  • Oil and gas plants
  • University campuses
  • Police siren system
  • Marine horn
  • Ambulance and other emergency siren system

However, our service does not limit here, Amanco provides integrated service for mass notification and siren system for its clients which are efficiently created on the basis of the requirement. We also take care of the installation and maintenance of the system as well. more

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