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Is your employee on time? Is your company or organization restricted area secure? Amanco is pioneering the field of access Control and ID Management system, installation, maintenance and service in Saudi Arabia. We offer highly secured access control system to secure your employee’s attendance, entrance, exit and restricted area, which is easy to install and maintenance.

 Through our ID management system, employee can enter office or organization through Identity card or smart card and bio metric system so that unauthorized people are restricted to enter. Our access control system can integrate fire alarm system and video surveillance. Some sensitive area our advanced Access control system provides notifications to an employer like SMS alerts, email message both attendance and unauthorized entrances. Our high end biometric door control system can get benefits such as First- in user, two-person rule, dead man zonal, Guard zone, man trap sensitive zonal. Our web-based access control system functioning as fewer wiring systems with IP based architecture can access anywhere.

Access control and ID management system

Are you worried about maintaining your employee’s work timing at the office? Solve this, and many other issues, by integrating the best access control system made available by Amanco. We provide international standard Access control and ID management system solutions in Saudi Arabia.

However, it is important to record the time of entry and exit of an employee at the office premises. It becomes an essential part of the HR department to keep a track on the same. Not only this, an access control system ensures safety at office premises by restricting unauthorized entry. Several purposes are served while using a proper access control system, such as: more

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